Camp McGregor Operational Readiness Training Complex – Package 1

An ORTC facility provides all the necessities required for soldiers preparing for deployment, including housing; dining facilities; training facilities; tactical equipment storage; and vehicle maintenance. Camp McGregor Range falls under the control of Fort Bliss, a U.S. Army post straddling the borders of Texas and New Mexico. With an area of 1,700 square miles, Fort Bliss is the Army’s second largest installation.

SQUARE FOOTAGE: 48,960 SF building, 360,000 SF of concrete paving 4-Acre Oxidation Pond
BUDGET: $18,210,696
LOCATION: Camp McGregor Range, New Mexico
OWNER: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth District
CONTACTS: Phil Barrack, USACE ORTC Program Manager  and Luciano Rigales, USACE Project Manager

SCOPE:  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Louisville District selected LMG Construction as the prime contractor for the Operations Readiness Training Complex (ORTC) Package I at Camp McGregor, New Mexico. As the Package I prime contractor, LMG leads the construction, engineering, and design teams for the Design-Build of three buildings and extensive civil work. The ORTC program consists of 3 Packages awarded by the Louisville USACE District and administered by the Fort Worth USACE District.

ORTC Package I consists of a 19,579 SF company headquarters; a 12,852 SF covered hard stand; an 11,854 SF vehicle maintenance shop; and six company sheds totaling 4,800 SF. Specific site work onthe 23-acre site includes construction of a 4-acre oxidation pond; 360,000 SF of concrete paving; landscaping of all rock areas; and Privatized Utility Provider (PUP) Electrical.

The Company Headquarters building is a pre-engineered metal building with a turn down beam spread footing foundation. The six main entries of the Company Headquarters are emphasized with a raised mass. The functionality of the Company Headquarters is to house transient company administrative operations and facilitate storage and movement of supplies. The building is divided into six modules to accommodate up to six companies. A covered hardstand area is also provided for training and mobilization. 

The Vehicle Maintenance Shop is a pre-engineered metal building with a turn down beam spread footing foundation. The functionally of the Vehicle Maintenance Shop is maintaining/repairing vehicles and providing temporary storage of unit supplies and equipment, similar to  motor pool facilities in the private sector. The concrete slab floor has been designed to accommodate the installations heaviest organizational vehicles. The Vehicle Maintenance Shop is equipped with a 10 ton overhead crane capable of servicing both 32 foot wide x 64 foot long service bays and a 3’ 6” wide x 48 foot long concrete maintenance pit.

The Company Sheds are pre-engineered metal buildings with a concrete slab on grade floor. The sheds consist of single-story open vehicle repair type structures with tool storage and POL/hazardous storage. The sheds are designed to provide shelter for light vehicle maintenance. A shed is provided for each company module. The total gross area of the six sheds is 4,800 SF.


“Congratulations….in addition to acknowledgement of your great attention to the ORTC Package I Project and productive efforts, I’d like to pass on kudos to the gang in the office and the field for their fine work. The Design-Build team assembled has been hard-working and dedicated to the success of this project. I think the end result bears that.” 

-John A. Rhebergen, Vice President, GLMV Architecture

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